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Suggestions Masterlist

Suggestions Master List - Under construction Game Suggestions Last update 2012-11-11 11:3 CET by Zypcat

General Game - Autosave - Implemented but not released - Possibility to change the key settings. Booth for mouse and keyboard - Name for each block - Released - Settings. Performance, graphics, language, gamespeed, brightness - Some implemented, some released

Moving - Increase/decrease altitude in fly mode - released - Changing the looking view. Remove the possibility to look upside down. - Decrease the timeframe when colliding with material - Remove the possibility to build yourself into a block - Planned - Running, Sprinting, Sneaking, Crawling, Butterfly swimming. Different fighting positions - Some planned - Sitting, laying.

Characther - More pronounced character - In development - Cloathing - Professions, jobs. Skills connected to profession - RPG Elements. Stats and Leveling. (

Tools/Resources - Light sources. Fire places / Tourches / Lanterns / Candles - In development - Possibility to Rotate existing light resources - Doors - released - Sculping tool improvement (Toggle key or a option so you can hold down the mouse instead of clicking) - released - More Blocktypes - ( In development/planned . More block sizes - Planned - Iron, Gold, Leather - Custom Slopes - Ropes - Tool that can make soft edges - Tool that can break blocks in to smaller blocks.  - Make building easier and mining harder. - Possibility to place blocks anywhere. - Skill tree. power, speed, wearpons, farming, parcour.  - Chains - Machanic material. ( - Elements. ( - Ladders - released - Possibility to build moving objects. ( - Material that has different specifics. Strength. ( - Glass - Hinges, joints, slides, & spinny doodads. - Different distances for placing blocks. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3150

Weapons/Armor - Bow. arrows - Crossbow - Sword - Different type of armor - Magic System. (

Living things - Friendely Mobs, Birds, Rabbits, Snakes, Foxes, horses, goats.  - Enemy Mobs, Snakes, Bears, Wolves,  - Mob Behavior ( - Tortoise. - TurtleDove/TurtleMoa. - Gigantic Unique Enemies. - Genetics] - Baby animals.

Gameplay/Game mods - Survival Mode - In development. This is what normal mode will be after several updates. - Crafting - Mods and Plugin. Possibility for users to do scripting to change the world in different ways. - Plugin API and assets mod functionality in development - Quest Builder. List of commands. Give other players commands so the can preforme a task.  - Experience systems. Gain experience, all in-game. Killing mobs, crafting, digging, fighting, cocking.  - Hunger system. Gain different amount of energy depending on food source. - In development, - Spawn Zones. - Explore to Build! Build to Explore. - Advanced fishing. - Transport Systems.

World - Treeleaves should despawn slowly if theres no wood connected to it or if no wood is connected to the ground.(This should be hard to code , but it's very annoying if you have to remove all the leaves) - Wheather. Rain, snow, wind, storm, hurricane, cloudy, clear sky, new-moon - Dark, Full moon - Lighter blue night - Improve water generation. (Faster) - Flat Map. - Released - Railroads - Lava - Not always beaches.  - Rocks in water - Dynamic wheathers connected to the mood of the characther - Light. Crepuscular rays / atmosphere heat / light particles  - Different rendering distance - Released - Lighter shadows - Polygon models as objects - In development (First items in next update) - Multiple worlds. ( - Game optimization. ( - Biomes. ( - Enviroment that could harm the player. Natural hazards. - Pathways. - Clouds. - Seasons. - Unique Super-sized Biome Islands. - No Sky Limit. - Semi 2d world. - Seperate objects. - Player-created pre-generated in-game structures and maps.

Sound - Footsteps. Different sounds depending on which surface the character is walking on - Planned - Breathing, randomized as you walk or jump. - Mobs, birds and other animals. - Planned - Weather sounds. Wind, rain, storms. - Different sounds when placing blocks. Depending on type of material. - Planned

Multiplayer - Make the possibility to run Blockscape on Linux servers - Planned

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