This is a list of crafting recipes and what is required to make them.

Material GroupsEdit

Some recipes let you use any material from a material group, rather than one specific material. This section lists material groups and what materials they include.

In most cases, the appearance of a crafted item will depend on what materials you used. For example, crafting bricks from Limestone will result in Limestone Bricks, while crafting bricks from Rock will result in Stone Bricks.

List of material groups:
Group Materials
Wood Bark

Birch bark, Oak bark, Palm bark, Pine bark.

Wood Planks Birch planks, Oak planks, Palm planks, Pine planks.
Refined Metals Copper, Steel, Silver, Gold.
Plastic Plastic of any color.
Stone Rock, Limestone, Sandstone.



Item Requirements Crafting Station
Bricks 1 stone none
Bricks - Small 1 stone none
Cobble 1 stone none

1 wood bark

Hay 4 Grass(need to be tall grass) none
Textile 1 Flax Wooden Workbench
Cast Steel

1 Limestone
1 Charcoal  
2 Iron Ore


Cast Silver 1 Limestone
1 Charcoal
2 Silver Ore
Cast Gold

1 Limestone
1 Charcoal
2 Gold Ore

Charcoal 1 wood bark Furnace
Glass 2 Sand
1 Limestone
Light - Red, Green or Blue

2 Sand
1 Limestone
1 Red, Green or Blue Glowing Mushroom

Light - White

2 Sand
1 Limestone
1 Red Glowing Mushroom
1 Green Glowing Mushroom
1 Blue Glowing Mushroom

Steel 1 Cast Steel Forge
Silver 1 Cast Silver Forge
Gold 1 Cast Gold Forge

Tools & WeaponsEdit

Item Requirements Crafting Station

1 wood plank
1 stone


2 wood planks
1 refined metal

Short Sword 4 refined metal Anvil
Long Sword 6 refined metal Anvil
Great Sword 8 refined metal Anvil


Item Requirements Crafting Station
Wooden Workbench 57 wood planks none
Metal Workbench

66 refined metal

Plastic Workbench

1 State Model Activator
1 Yellow Light
24 Black Plastic
32 plastic or refined metal

Wooden Stairs 40 wood planks none
Forge 235 Bricks none
Furnace 260 Bricks none
Wooden Bed

90 wood planks
32 hay or textile

note: textile bed is more effective than hay bed.

Wooden Workbench
Wooden Chair 26 wood planks Wooden Workbench
Wooden Door 33 wood planks Wooden Workbench
Wooden Table 40 wood planks Wooden Workbench
Metal Chair 36 refined metal Metal Workbench

128 Iron Ore   
64 Limestone
64 Charcoal

Anvil 32 cast steel Furnace


Item Requirements Crafting Station
Cable 1 plastic
1 refined metal
Plastic Workbench
Pipe 36 refined metal Metal Workbench
Dye 1 plastic Stove

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