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Look around Mouse
Move forward / backward W / S
Strafe left / right A / D
Jump Space
Sprint Shift


Place block / Primary tool function Left Mouse Button
Break block / Secondary tool function Right Mouse Button
Increase / Decrease tool size Mouse Wheel Up / Down   or   Numpad

+ / -

Select tool from hotbar 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Select material from hotbar T, Y, U, I, O, P
Select tool from inventory Click with Left Mouse Button on a tool in your inventory
Select material from world

Alt + Left Mouse Button while aiming at a block.

note: currently the game does not show that a new material has selected when using this method

Toggle grid snapping G
Use object (examples: workbench, button, door) Left or Right Mouse Button
Open / Close inventory E
Open crafting menu C (Esc. to close)

Build / Fly commands

Toggle no-clip mode N
Toggle flight mode F
flight mode: Fly up Space
flight mode: Fly down Left Ctrl
Skip short distance forward / backward Page Up / Page Down


Open / Close main menu Esc
Open chat, send message Enter
Save nearby blocks as an .XML model file.
(Located in %appdata%/Blockscape/blockmodeldump.xml)
Ctrl + S

Additional NotesEdit

  • Hotbar: tools, models and materials on your hotbar (at the bottom of the screen) can be replaced with different ones. This is done by opening your inventory and dragging a tool, model or material onto your hotbar.
    • Tools and models are listed in the left half of the inventory and can only be placed in the first 5 cells of your hotbar.
    • Materials are listed in the right half of the inventory and can only be placed in the last 5 cells of your hotbar.
  • There is currently no way to rebind the controls or change the mouse sensitivity.

Text CommandsEdit


Press RETURN or ENTER to enter text commands.

Some commands require a parameter to be specified in order to take effect. If command parameter is not specified - the game will display what it is currently set to instead of executing the command.


command result
timeofday displays current game world time in chat
timeofday 16,30 sets current game world time to 16:30 (4:30 PM)

List of available commandsEdit

help List all available commands in chat
astralprojection ? ?
bind <key> "<command>"

Bind a command to a keyboard button
example: bind h "hud 0"  - this will allow you to disable HUD by pressing H key.
note: <key> has to be lowercase, otherwise the command will not work.

Cursor 1/0 Enable/Disable the cursor in the center of the screen.
daynightcycle 1/0 Start/Stop day & night cycle
debuginfo 1/0 Show/Hide debug info
drawclouds 1/0 Show/Hide clouds
drawfoliage 1/0

Show/Hide foliage and plants

drawfps 1/0 Show/Hide frames-per-second counter (displayed in top-left corner)
drawglass 1/0 Show/Hide glass blocks
drawplastic 1/0 Show/Hide plastic blocks
drawskycolor 1/0 Show/Hide sky color
drawterrain 1/0 Show/Hide terrain
drawtransitiondecals 1/0 Show/Hide texture transitions between materials
drawwater 1/0 Show/Hide water
drawwireframe 1/0 Show/Hide wireframe
hud 1/0 Show/Hide HUD
inputsmoothing 1/0 Enable/Disable look & movement smoothing
killall Kill all nearby bugs (may kill other mobs as well, needs confirmation)
lockfrustum 1/0 Lock/Unlock game's view frustum
MpGatherPlayers ? ?
MpPlayerPOS ? ?
musicvolume <number> Change the volume of in-game music
PlayerPOS Shows your current Position
posteffects 1/0 Enable/Disable fxaa, cinematic camera effects
seed View current world's seed
spawn <entity name> Spawn an entity by its name. Examples: "bug", "swan" , and "fish"
speedmultiplier <number> Change speed multiplier of flight mode
timeofday <HH,MM> Change game world time to HH.MM (note: this command uses 24-hour format ; also specifying minutes is not required)
worldgenerator 1/0 Enable/Disable World generation