Block types

Rows of every current block.

The game currently has 23 types of solid blocks and two varieties of water block. Fresh water (Left) & Salt water (Right).

Row 1 (Top row) Edit

Going from left to right;

  1. Gray Cobblestone.
  2. Softwood.
  3. Softwood Leaves.
  4. Dirt.
  5. Wool.
  6. Snow.

Row 2 (Top middle row)Edit

Слева направо;

  1. Granite.
  2. Grass.
  3. Sand.
  4. Hardwood.
  5. Hardwood leaves.
  6. Softwood planks.

Row 3 (Bottom middle row) Edit

Going from left to right;

  1. Sandston132.
  2. Limestone.
  3. Brown Cobblestone.
  4. White Cobblestone.
  5. Grey brick.
  6. Brown brick.

Row 4 (Bottom row) Edit

Going from left to right;

  1. Hardwood planks.
  2. White Cobblestone.
  3. Gold.
  4. Silver.
  5. Steel.
  6. Air.

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